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Bioactive is a scientifically formulated combination of natural raw materials. Each of these ingredients have been chosen for their individual energy and vitality giving properties.   Bioactive combines Bee Pollen,... Learn More

£28.95 GBP

Superlyte Paste

Rapid electrolyte paste to ensure optimum recovery after strenuous, prolonged exercise.   During strenuous, prolonged exercise a horse can lose up to 10 litres of sweat which contains Sodium, Chloride... Learn More

£16.50 GBP

Superlyte Liquid

A balanced, palatable electrolyte syrup which can be used to ensure optimal recovery after high intensity exercise.   When horses perform high intensity short duration physical exercise they lose considerable... Learn More

£46.50 GBP

Stride Sachets (30x50g)

A powerful powder mobility supplement including glucosamine HCL, chondroitin and MSM conveniently supplied in daily feeding sachets.   STRIDE is a feed supplement in convenient daily feeding sachets which combines... Learn More

£95.00 GBP


STAYSOUND is an internationally acclaimed cold clay which cools, soothes and tightens hot tired legs.   The cooling action of Staysound is ideal for use on hot tired legs. Staysound... Learn More

From:£14.00 GBP

SpeedXcell 3.75L

Balanced multivitamin and mineral solution used to maintain optimal health and maximise athletic potential in the performance horse.   SpeedXcell is a balanced Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement, fully in solution,... Learn More

£47.50 GBP

New Bludd

"The pure iron performance tonic" New Bludd is an iron tonic for healthy athletic blood levels when you feel your horse is lacking stamina. The supplement contains high levels of... Learn More

£15.75 GBP


NEUTRACID is a complementary feed for horses, designed to be fed as a nutritional adjunct to horses prone to lactic acid accumulation after exercise or competition.    NEUTRACID is a... Learn More

From:£20.00 GBP

Multiplex (3 x 50g )

B vitamin booster syringe perfect for horses in training, pre-competition or to stimulate appetite.    MULTIPLEX is a B Vitamin booster syringe that can be given weekly to horses in... Learn More

£22.95 GBP

KuraSyn 360X

KuraSyn 360x is a complementary feed supplement for horses containing highly bioavailable Curcumin combined with Hyaluronic acid.   KURASYN 320X contains a fast acting Curcumin extract complexed with a naturally... Learn More

From:£52.50 GBP


An isotonic powder electrolyte supplement containing chloride, sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium for daily use in performance horses.   ISOPRO 2000 is a concentrated, scientifically formulated and cost effective electrolyte... Learn More

From:£19.00 GBP

GNF Pellets

A unique gut nutrition formula designed for daily feeding to horses with gastric disturbances.   GNF is a unique supplement, for daily feeding to horses prone to gastric disturbances. GNF... Learn More

From:£72.00 GBP

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