Horseware Ice Vibe Boots

The Horseware Ice-Vibe boot can be used for the front or the rear limbs, below the knee/hock. The boot is contourd to fit the loweer leg.  Easy to use, first wrap... Learn More

£204.95 GBP

Ice Vibe Cold Pack

The Horseware Ice Vibe Spare Cold Packs can be used with the Horseware Ice Vibe Boot. The cold packs remain functional for up to 40 minutes. To use the packs... Learn More

From: £18.00 GBP

Ice Vibe Hock Wrap

The shape and movement of the hock makes hock problems some of the most difficult to treat. In response to the need for an effective hock treatment, ICE-VIBE have developed... Learn More

£155.00 GBP

Ice Vibe Knee Wrap

The Horseware Ice Vibe Knee Boots are designed to help you prepare your horse's legs before exercise and to reduce inflammation, discomfort and bruising afterwards by increasing circulation to the knees.... Learn More

£155.00 GBP

Supreme Products Easy Plait

Easy Plait helps product perfect plaits every time. Plaits appear neat and pristine, even when plaiting up the night before after use of Easy Plait.  Spray Easy Plait directly on... Learn More

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Turfmasters PRO Whitening Shampoo

Specially formulated to enhance white and light coloured coats, with an invigorating tropical aroma and also a deep cleansing silk protein conditioner. This is most definitely one one of the... Learn More

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