Joint Supplements

Keep Me Sound

“The all in one supplement that safeguards and protects” Many horse owners have invested a lot of time and cash in their horse and want to ensure they are giving... Learn More

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My Joints

"Three-way mobility supplement that aids joint health” Top horses competing at international level show jumping, to 4* event horses, and the aged veteran who is more of a family pet... Learn More

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Enhances the level of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) in the joint. Learn More

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Stride HA

STRIDE HA is a fast acting liquid formulation for the nutritional maintenance of healthy cartilage and joints in horses, with the additional benefit of Hyaluronic Acid.   Learn More

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Stride MP

It is recommended to use STRIDE MP after a complete course of STRIDE (or a similar product). If the nutrients for cartilage synthesis are not available in the amounts required,... Learn More

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TRM Kurasyn 360X

Product Information KuraSyn 360x is a complementary feed supplement for horses containing highly bioavailable Curcumin combined with Hyaluronic acid. It contains a fast acting Curcumin extract complexed with a naturally occurring... Learn More

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