Hoof Supplements


Maintains hooves in good condition If the hoof horn is deprived of correct nutrients irregularities, such as cracks or brittle crumbling hooves, can occur. Learn More

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Hoof Conditioner

Keeps Hooves Supple The maintenance of moisture content in the hoof horn is extremely important. Elasticity and the ability to absorb compression are essential factors in the dissipation of the... Learn More

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Hoof First

‘For stronger healthier hooves’ Hoof First grows strong, healthy hooves which are better for your farrier to work with, and fights problems such as cracked or weak hooves contributing to... Learn More

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Ultimate Supplement for Hooves Hoofmaker provides all the nutrients necessary to protect and nourish every layer within the hoof horn. Learn More

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Hoofmaker Concentrated Pellets

For Healthy Hooves Hoofmaker Concentrated Pellets contains all the supplemental nutrients required to develop and maintain a healthy and supple hoof in a convenient daily 50g serving. Learn More

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Keep Me Sound

“The all in one supplement that safeguards and protects” Many horse owners have invested a lot of time and cash in their horse and want to ensure they are giving... Learn More

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Keratex Hoof Putty

Keratex Hoof Putty is great for repairing holes in the soles of a horse's feet, enabling the owner to turn out with confidence after the cavity has been plugged with... Learn More

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TRM Hoof Oil

For a show-ring finish TRMʼs Hoof Oil is a premium grade hoof oil dressing. Regular application will protect the hoof both in dry and wet conditions. Learn More

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