Animo W-Pad Memory foam Comfort Saddle Pad

W-Pad is a wonderful horse’s back shock absorber, it unburdens from saddle pressure and helps maintaining a natural position and an high comfort during sporting activity The innovative aeration system,... Learn More

£159.95 GBP

Equiline Rack Mens Competition Jacket

The Men’s clothing lines are also Italian. This jacket has a modern design to create an elegant and fashionable item designed to give great freedom of movement and high comfort.... Learn More

£359.00 GBP

Freejump Liberty XC Boot

This range of the riding shoes and chaps is designed for training and/or competition. It features the latest Freejump footwear technical innovations and offers utmost comfort for an everyday use:... Learn More

£179.95 GBP

Horse Pilot Mens Aerotech Innovation Competition Jacket

The new AERO TECH JACKET from Horse Pilot is an outstanding competition jacket. Today, the result is one of the world’s lightest and most comfortable competition jackets. Manufactured in France,... Learn More

£315.00 GBP

Horse Pilot Mens Optimax Compression Skin

First seamless skin for men. A highly breathable and comfortable garment for the technical rider which can work the deep muscles of the upper body. It thus provides a better... Learn More

£40.50 GBP

Horse Pilot Mens X Balance Breeches

Horse Pilot white breeches are a highly technical horse riding tool. The muscle support technology integrated in the X balance breeches give more tone to your leg. Thermoregulating and resistant fabric will help you... Learn More

£142.99 GBP

Horse Pilot Socks

The compression socks for Horse Pilot riders are a real technological gem. They improve muscle oxygenation, enhance muscle tone and promote recovery. Learn More

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MacWet Climatec Gloves

Protecting hands from the elements, the new Climatec ® glove range has been developed for cooler weather wear. As well as their unique Aquatec ® fabric ensuring superb grip and... Learn More

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MacWet Non Slip Gloves

All grip, no slip. Great grip is crucial in a variety of activities, including horse riding much much more. Even in the wettest conditions MacWet gloves will give you 100%... Learn More

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QHP Gloves

With elasticised parts on fingers and equipped with an elastic cuff, these gloves are provide optimum comfort. Velcro fastening and rein reinforcement in the palm provide protection for a rider's... Learn More

£7.99 GBP

Racesafe RS 2010 Adult Body Protector

The RS2010 offers the highest European & BETA standards of protection with market leading comfort or flexibility. The flex of up to seventy independently hinged foam sections allows movement &... Learn More

From: £170.00 GBP

Roeck-Grip Chester Gloves

The popular ROECK GRIP glove, exclusive to Roeckl, is the latest in riding fashion. This classic is not only the epitome of chic, it is also made from a lightweight,... Learn More

£30.00 GBP